Training The Trainer

Who is this for?

This is an interactive course which advances participants' skills as professional trainers. It deepens approaches to the planning and development of training sessions. Importantly, it will enhance overall impact and delivery.

What to expect

Training the Trainer prepares its delegates for some of the common challenges encountered through interpersonal interactions whether training online, face to face, or in a hybrid manner. It will also increase self-confidence, allowing people new to training to manage any nerves they may have in the training room.

It is taught over two and a half days through a mix of practical sessions and theory, including Forum Theatre, that give plenty of opportunity to practice techniques and embed other, theoretical, aspects of the course.

Aims and Objectives of the course:

  • To enable trainers to share, experiment with, and improve upon their training skills
  • To help trainers to manage approaches to a diverse range of current training demands: online, face to face, and hybrid
  • To increase the personal presence and impact of trainers when training
  • To ensure all participants become fully confident in their skills as trainers
  • To enable trainers to identify different body language and personality types of delegates they may encounter (e.g. 4P’s, introvert, extrovert, etc)
  • To learn strategies to deal with challenging situations, particularly when hybrid training, in a positive and useful way
  • To gain understanding in how to prepare diverse and interesting sesions in order to maintain interest and understand how personal delivery styles can affect this
  • To understand when to use certain approaches and how to divide material in order to accommodate
  • To learn how the use of appropriate language and structure within sessions helps gain credibility and attention
  • To understand how to create an open forum for sharing learned knowledge in order to assess success

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