Presenting With Confidence

Who is this for?

This two day course is for anyone who has to give presentations with or without slides, to audiences at work, for interviews, or at more formal conferences.
Combining theory with plenty of practice, it will help you to become an impressive, impactful presenter with a clear understanding of how to create a strong message, manage your nerves, all while captivating your audience.
Your body language, your voice, and your presenting style are all explored, while we also give you valuable theoretical tips and tricks.

What to expect

The course will develop your ability to communicate and present effectively under pressure and to diverse audiences. While some theoretical aspects are examined; structuring, using vocabulary to influence, managing your slides and your content’s key message, delivery is given as much weight. The session will also incorporate work on posture, alignment, breathing, and voice production in order for you to maximise authentic vocal and physical impact and confidence.

Overall the course will deliver the following:

  • More powerful and effective presentation skills
  • An opportunity to analyse other presenting styles
  • Increased personal impact and presence
  • An ability to communicate more confidently with clients, peers, and senior management
  • Understanding key ways to influence your audience
  • Storytelling
  • Tools for managing nerves and ways for increasing self confidence
  • How to achieve expressive ways of speaking
  • Improved posture and body language

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