What is the price of self confidence?

Neuroscience increasingly proves soft skills to be quantifiable and therefore of more recognisable benefit to  business.

What better for a company than a truly confident workforce at ease in their own skins?

What you and your company gain from increased personal impact and better communication skills at work truly matters!

At Resonance Voice Training we are committed to our work and care about the people we meet. We treat everyone who comes to our courses as individuals with specific needs. We give them carefully chosen exercises and feedback that help them to develop their skills today and well into the future.

As a result the benefits from our training courses are so much more than the list you can read here.

Benefits from personal or group training will be:

  • Finding greater confidence and conviction in delivery
  • Developing your executive presence
  • Understanding the difference between authenticity and sincerity
  • Increased gravitas
  • Maximising your inpact
  • Improving posture and alignment to assist with better breath control
  • More expressive speaking
  • Learning how to manage nerves
  • Exploring the capacity to be at ease with oneself in difficult situations
  • Ability to embrase the limelight
  • Controlled projection
  • Finding clarity of speech
  • Increased vocal control
  • A wider range of notes in the voice
  • Exploring PowerPoint as a tool, not a prop
What Our Clients Say
Practice Areas
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Speaking with Impact

Do you have to speak at team meetings, to stakeholders, to senior staff, peers, or in public? Would you like to have more confidence, gravitas, improved vocal delivery, and make a greater personal impact?
If so, this is the course you need!

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Presenting With Confidence

This two day course is for anyone who has to give presentations with or without slides, to audiences at work, for interviews, or at more formal conferences.
Combining theory with plenty of practice, it will help you to become an impressive, impactful presenter with a clear understanding of how to create a strong message, manage your nerves, all while captivating your audience.
Your body language, your voice, and your presenting style are all explored, while we also give you valuable theoretical tips and tricks.

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Executive Presence – Owning the room

As an established or emergent executive, this stimulating small group workshop will allow you to hone your leadership skills, and develop your personal presence.
The focus will be on these essential elements:

  • Your voice - how you sound to others
  • Your body - maximise your physical impact and relax but stay dynamic
  • What you say, how you say it - content and managing your message
  • Your psychological state - creating a positive approach
  • Your audience - how to meet their needs

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Training The Trainer

This is an interactive course which advances participants' skills as professional trainers. It deepens approaches to the planning and development of training sessions. Importantly, it will enhance overall impact and delivery.

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Returning to work with confidence

This much needed workshop will allow staff to return to the workforce after maternity leave, Covid or other lengthy illnesses, with new useful skills, feeling mentally robust, confident, and resilient.

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Bespoke Workshops

Approach us today with a request for a workshop designed to meet your needs.
This service allows you to tailor the different elements of training we offer to meet your training requirements and your budget most successfully.