Dramatically improve your communication skills at work

We provide exceptional and challenging voice, presence, and presentation skills courses for business

Our approach is perceptive, practical, and proven.

Resonance Voice Training is a communications skills training company.

The transformational training we deliver works directly on building presence, confidence, and personal gravitas, as well as increasing vocal skills and helping to manage nerves.

Content is derived from our direct experience of voice science, performance theory, leadership training, mindfulness, and drama therapy.

Our core team is made up of performance professionals, who are also highly experienced trainers. We have worked closely for many years.

The company has been working across all sectors and at all levels for the past two decades, and we have created a flexible series of training programmes designed to draw the best from every individual and group that we meet.

What we deliver is of paramount importance to having long term effectiveness in any organisation: qualities that enable success, credibility, and the capacity to be both impactful and influential.

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Speaking with Impact

Do you have to speak at team meetings, to stakeholders, to senior staff, peers, or in public? Would you like to have more confidence, gravitas, improved vocal delivery, and make a greater personal impact?
If so, this is the course you need!

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Presenting With Confidence

This two day course is for anyone who has to give presentations with or without slides, to audiences at work, for interviews, or at more formal conferences.
Combining theory with plenty of practice, it will help you to become an impressive, impactful presenter with a clear understanding of how to create a strong message, manage your nerves, all while captivating your audience.
Your body language, your voice, and your presenting style are all explored, while we also give you valuable theoretical tips and tricks.

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Executive Presence – Owning the room

As an established or emergent executive, this stimulating small group workshop will allow you to hone your leadership skills, and develop your personal presence.
The focus will be on these essential elements:

  • Your voice - how you sound to others
  • Your body - maximise your physical impact and relax but stay dynamic
  • What you say, how you say it - content and managing your message
  • Your psychological state - creating a positive approach
  • Your audience - how to meet their needs

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Training The Trainer

This is an interactive course which advances participants' skills as professional trainers. It deepens approaches to the planning and development of training sessions. Importantly, it will enhance overall impact and delivery.

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Returning to work with confidence

This much needed workshop will allow staff to return to the workforce after maternity leave, Covid or other lengthy illnesses, with new useful skills, feeling mentally robust, confident, and resilient.

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Bespoke Workshops

Approach us today with a request for a workshop designed to meet your needs.
This service allows you to tailor the different elements of training we offer to meet your training requirements and your budget most successfully.

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