Executive Presence – Owning the room

Who is this for?

As an established or emergent executive, this stimulating small group workshop will allow you to hone your leadership skills, and develop your personal presence.
The focus will be on these essential elements:
  • Your voice - how you sound to others
  • Your body - maximise your physical impact and relax but stay dynamic
  • What you say, how you say it - content and managing your message
  • Your psychological state - creating a positive approach
  • Your audience - how to meet their needs

What to expect

This creative and stimulating workshop will give you ideas, tools, and exercises that will help you to build on current and create more personal presence. It may be that you are locked into a continuous process of mental analysis, and need reminding how powerful and impactful the mind/body relationship can be.

We know through modern neurological research and social psychologists that body language communicates as much if not more than speech itself. You may be extremely able at communicating complicated processes and ordered systems, but want to invoke more fully the emotional qualities that engage and connect with your audience. Or you may feel that you wish to be more considered yet decisive in your communications. This workshop will help you bridge these gaps and get your message across more effectively. It is also an opportunity to get some general practise in a supportive environment.

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