Returning to work with confidence

Who is this for?

This much needed workshop will allow staff to return to the workforce after maternity leave, Covid or other lengthy illnesses, with new useful skills, feeling mentally robust, confident, and resilient.

This one day experiential training workshop aims to share ideas, tools, and practical exercises that will help participants assess issues of concern, determine preferred outcomes going forward while building upon or creating self confidence. Through our experiential approach by skilling people in a muscular and pragmatic way we create a virtuous circle. As a result, participants gain the skills and attitudes they need.

Modern neurological research has shown that we are somatically (bodily) and psychologically (mentally) intricately interconnected. Scientific work with mirror neurons and also social research from psychologists indicate that body language communicates as much as speech itself. Within Resonance these factors, together with our collective performance and training expertise, fuel our work. The sessions we provide are relaxed and informal, and provide a pragmatic and useful learning experience.

In these sessions delegates experience:

  • Breathing exercises for relaxation and to calm nerves
  • Ways to release inappropriate tension
  • Exercises for developing clarity of speech under pressure
  • Techniques for owning the room through positive body language
  • Means to increase gravitas and personal presence
  • Tools for assertive speech in any working situation
  • Tools to develop resilience through role play and forum theatre
  • Exercises that develop language and leadership skills when talking to senior staff

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