What price self confidence?

Neuroscience increasingly proves soft skills to be quantifiable and therefore of more recognisable benefit to  business.

What better for a company than a truly confident workforce at ease in their own skins?

What you and your company gain from increased personal impact and better communication skills at work truly matters!

At Resonance Voice Training we are committed to our work and care about the people we meet. We treat everyone who comes to our courses as individuals with specific needs. We give them carefully chosen exercises and feedback that help them to develop their skills today and well into the future.

As a result the benefits from our training courses are so much more than the list you can read below.

Benefits from personal or group training will be:

  • Finding greater confidence and conviction in delivery
  • Developing your executive presence
  • Understanding the difference between authenticity and sincerity
  • Increased gravitas
  • Maximising your impactBenefits
  • Improving posture and alignment to assist with better breath control
  • More expressive speaking
  • Learning how to manage nerves
  • Exploring the capacity to be at ease with oneself in difficult situations
  • Ability to embrace the limelight
  • Controlled projection
  • Finding clarity of speech
  • Increased vocal control
  • A wider range of notes in the voice
  • Exploring PowerPoint as a tool not a prop