Women who want to be heard

‘Calling all women: how to find your voice and win arguments’
– Kelly Rose Bradford, The Telegraph.

Read the full article by Kelly Rose Bradford .

Who is it for?

An experiential half day or day long workshop in a supportive environment. This course is expressly for women

  • who want to express themselves without feeling physically impaired
  • who want to be assertive under stressful circumstances
  • who need to be heard literally and metaphorically – at work and at home
  • who would like take up their rightful vocal and physical and psychological space 

Come and learn how to release emotion through your voice safely.

We assist everyone to ‘find’ their voice and to be able to use and flex it in many different situations. It is a great thing to find total release when for years many external and internal factors have held you back and led to tensions that make you uncomfortable and shy. Release depends on many physical factors that can be easily taught. It also depends on you allowing yourself to express thoughts and feelings that you may have suppressed over time because you have been repeatedly told they are inappropriate.

What to expect

You will learn:

  • Breath control to fuel your thoughts and your voice
  • Posture and alignment so you look as though you mean business
  • How to vocally release – shout, call, chant!
  • The power of silence and neutrality and how it can assist you
  • Appropriate responses for a number of difficult circumstances.