Personal Impact voice presentaton by Resonance Voice

What we do

We enable people to have more impact with what they say and how they say it. We help them to create stronger personal presence and to communicate their messages effectively across any organisation.

Through our workshops we deliver personal impact, voice and presentation skills training to all sectors and to all grades of staff from entry level to CEO.  We help your people identify the qualities that make them effective whether at management or graduate entry level.  We believe in providing excellent interactive courses that can vary in length, according to your needs and budget. We deliver pragmatic, effective outcomes. We do this in a relaxed informal environment. Our experience shows that people learn best while having fun and this is a vital part of the training we provide. The efficacy of our approach is reflected in the standard of our clientele many of whom are repeat customers or come through referral.


Our Course Delivery

  • Our courses are delivered by a select group of trainers with professional performance skills and expertise in delivering a variety of training. We often use two trainers per course for greater objectivity. A camera can also be used to record progress throughout the session when appropriate. This ensures you are able to see and hear what you do.
  • We use practical exercises and give you plenty of individual feedback so the training will pay back your investment long after the course is over.
  • We do not ask people to be more confident. We show them how they can skill themselves.  We practise with them.
  • Delegates on our courses or individuals who come to us for one to one coaching become effective and believable communicators.  They are enabled to maximise their personal impact at every level of their career.

Benefits from personal or group training will be:

  • Increased confidence and authority when delivering key messages
  • More presence and impact
  • More credibility
  • Having necessary skills to manage your nerves
  • A toolkit to address your vocal needs – pace, expression, clarity
  • A means to finding the right words for the right occasion

The feedback we have had from delegates on our courses has been overwhelmingly positive.  Many have said that it has affected not only their confidence and communication skills at work, but also their lifestyle.

Your team’s excellent teaching skills and your courteous personality has helped me tremendously through the two day course. I have learned so much from you and I look forward to learning more. I am very grateful for the opportunity.
– The Wellcome Trust