What We Do

What to Expect

At Resonance, we believe in providing excellent interactive courses. We do this in a relaxed and informal environment, where anyone at any stage in their life or career can join in and feel comfortable.

We enable people to have more impact with what they say, and how and when they say it. This is done by training and supporting them to develop their vocal skills and their personal presence. Ultimately, this means that they can communicate their messages effectively across any situation, organisation, or conversation. We work with leaders, management, and entry level personnel, as well as with anyone who is looking to improve their ability to impact and communicate well.

Through our teaching and training, we guide our course participants through the development of key proficiencies – vocal, physical, and mental, helping them to develop resilience as they process the work so that as they become more skilled, they also become more confident.

Our workshops deliver personal impact, voice, and presentation skills training as the core elements of effective communication. We also provide executive coaching and identify personal communication styles to all business sectors, and all grades of staff up to and including CEO’s.

All courses vary in length, according to specific needs and budget.

  • Courses that are delivered by a select group of trainers with professional performance skills and expertise in delivering a wide variety of training and coaching at many levels. We historically use two trainers per course for greater objectivity. Filming on smart devices can be used to record progress ensuring individuals are able to see and hear what they do.
  • Practical and entertaining exercises which help to break down modules and activities ensure the learning experience is smooth and enjoyable. Years of experience tell us that people learn best while having fun, and this is a vital part of the whole experience we provide.
  • Individual feedback and support throughout the learning process. This, in addition to support materials, helps to embed the learning experience and recall it at a later date.
  • We do not ask people to be more confident. We show people how to adapt and add to their own skills as we practise them.
  • On completion of one or more of our courses, delegates can expect to become effective and believable communicators able to maximise their personal impact.

Benefits from personal or group training will be:

  • Increased confidence and authority when delivering key messages
  • More presence and impact
  • More credibility
  • Having the necessary skills to manage nerves and feel more in control
  • A toolkit to address vocal needs – pace, expression, clarity
  • A means to finding the right words for the right occasion

The feedback we’ve had from delegates on our courses has been overwhelmingly positive. Many have said that Resonance Voice Training has improved their day-to-day confidence while also improving their personal communication skills at work and within their day-to-day lives. Many of our clientele are repeat customers, or join us through referral.

We’re good at what we do, so get in touch today to see what we can do for you or your staff!

What Our Clients Say
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Speaking with Impact

Do you have to speak at team meetings, to stakeholders, to senior staff, peers, or in public? Would you like to have more confidence, gravitas, improved vocal delivery, and make a greater personal impact?
If so, this is the course you need!

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Presenting With Confidence

This two day course is for anyone who has to give presentations with or without slides, to audiences at work, for interviews, or at more formal conferences.
Combining theory with plenty of practice, it will help you to become an impressive, impactful presenter with a clear understanding of how to create a strong message, manage your nerves, all while captivating your audience.
Your body language, your voice, and your presenting style are all explored, while we also give you valuable theoretical tips and tricks.

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Executive Presence – Owning the room

As an established or emergent executive, this stimulating small group workshop will allow you to hone your leadership skills, and develop your personal presence.
The focus will be on these essential elements:

  • Your voice - how you sound to others
  • Your body - maximise your physical impact and relax but stay dynamic
  • What you say, how you say it - content and managing your message
  • Your psychological state - creating a positive approach
  • Your audience - how to meet their needs

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Training The Trainer

This is an interactive course which advances participants' skills as professional trainers. It deepens approaches to the planning and development of training sessions. Importantly, it will enhance overall impact and delivery.

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Returning to work with confidence

This much needed workshop will allow staff to return to the workforce after maternity leave, Covid or other lengthy illnesses, with new useful skills, feeling mentally robust, confident, and resilient.

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Bespoke Workshops

Approach us today with a request for a workshop designed to meet your needs.
This service allows you to tailor the different elements of training we offer to meet your training requirements and your budget most successfully.