Trainer of Distinction

We are delighted to report that Tracy Elster (one of our Lead Associates who many of you will have met) has gained a Distinction in her Dramatherapy Masters degree at Roehampton University. Knowing that it took blood sweat and tears over the three year course (weekends only) we ask you to join us and take off your hats to her!

Tracy’s initial dissertation topic was focused on second generation Kinder transport survivors and how the trauma affected them in their lives. This developed into looking at and working with all second generation Holocaust Survivors not just Kindertransport.

She has been asked to present her research in Workshop form next month in the Netherlands with the title Creativity: a weapon of mass construction.

She explains this will be ‘a therapeutic theatre performance and workshop exploring the themes of trauma and extreme loss through creative expression’.

She continues ‘how can we journey with others who carry the loss of homeland, loved ones, memories, language and connections? We will explore the use of self when working alongside others, and the act of creation – ‘the courage to imagine’ – in response to the painful realities of displacement.’

We are delighted her work is getting disseminated so quickly and wish her good luck in the Netherlands.


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