This is a Voice – The Wellcome Trust

We currently supply The Wellcome Trust with Voice and Impact Training. We delight in the work which brings us into contact with the innovations and research that The Trust is both funding and exploring. ‘This is a Voice’ is a remarkable exhibition showing at The Wellcome Collection until July. It attempts to explore the essence of our vocal power and what it can mean to us individually and in the broader terms of our humanity and reach. Wellcome have brought in UK and international voice practitioners to do extraordinary live performances and talks. Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher of Vocal Process have written the book for the exhibition bringing with it their wealth of knowledge and experience. The exhibition might be a little esoteric but it is but full of marvels for the curious amongst you.

I have also attached a video posted on facebook by my friend and ex-associate Heather Keens – it shows an MRI scan of an opera singer singing Wagner. The vast movement and flexibility of the tongue fascinates me. Speaking comes to most of us so easily – we don’t feel the majestic rise and fall of the rib cage as we breathe, the physical extensions of the trachea – that ‘mobile muscular sleeve’ as my teacher Merebeth Bunch described it; and the massive muscularity of the whole event. (Pseuds corner?) But I mean it. It really is a wonder.



Go and explore your voice. It doesn’t just live behind your lips – it is inside you and all around you. It speaks for you and it reveals you. It is muscular and manageable and yet it is magic!

THIS IS A VOICE   14 April 2016 – 31 July 2016



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