Super Voices! Exercises for voice and posture

Here is a vocal and a postural tip for you to try out:

Starting with the lips:

  • Remember that energised lips aid vocal clarity, pace and help the breath to release
  • We make a range of vowel sounds that depend on the lip position – from the lip stretched ‘eee’ to the lip rounded ‘oooo’
  • Exercise the lip muscles by making the sounds of a phone off the hook or an ambulance siren. OOOeeeoooeeee.

Moving to the hips:

Several of you may have experienced my associate Tracy’s ‘ Stirring the Porridge’ .

  • Draw a huge circle with an imaginary spoon isolating and moving the pelvis as you do, with your knees soft
  • Try to get your pelvis working independently. Start to make a sound – low humming – and feel your voice release
  • As performers and trainers we sometimes talk about the pelvic area as the ‘centre’ of the voice and also of our emotions. With a flexible pelvic swing you will walk with a more relaxed gait connecting more fully with your feet moving through the heels to the toes

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