Speaking with Impact

Who is it for?

This course is for anyone who has to speak at meetings, to stakeholders, to their seniors, to peers or in public and anyone who wants more gravitas, improved vocal delivery and personal impact.

What to expect

We will help you to develop skills that allow you to manage your nerves, to speak with more clarity, to use your breath for pacing, increase or control volume and to have more immediate impact. We encourage everyone within our groups to be mutually supportive and to enjoy themselves as much as possible. We use practical exercises and give you plenty of individual feedback so the day will pay back your investment long after the course is over.

Overall the course will deliver the following:

  • an ability to communicate more confidently with peers, staff or clients
  • increased personal impact and presence
  • improved posture and better body language
  • knowledge of healthy voice production
  • improved clarity of speech for native English and ESOL speakers
  • tools for managing nerves and ways for increasing self confidence
  • ways to achieve expressive speaking – avoiding monotony

“Thank you for the amazing course. I have noticed that since attending the course, my confidence and clarity in communication have improved greatly. I now look forward to opportunities in using and practising the skills I have learned.” – The Wellcome Trust