Say it out Loud

I’ve a Presentation pending with PowerPoint to boot
My Fear is never ending and my Sleeping time forfeit
When I Speak I’m always rushing and I know I’m also Blushing
My Mouth is dry as dust and I find the Whole thing crushing.

I’ve to Speak at my friend’s Wedding and she isn’t even joking
It is Something I am Dreading and even now I’m choking
When I speak I always Mumble and I know I start to Crumble
Every Sentence is a jumble and it’s all a Downhill tumble.

I’ve a conference forthcoming. You’re the expert they all cried.
But an Audience is my nightmare and I’ve always tried to Hide.
When I speak I sound too Quiet and I know I can’t Project
It is hopeless, I am useless – press the button named Eject!

I’ve the Job – it’s mine, fantastic but all thanks to my Pride
They think I’m great at Public Speaking and I’ve never even tried.
When I speak I’m like a Dalek and am flat and Monotone
I know I will be Frightful. I can hear the audience Groan!

Good Cheer my friends, take breath, be calm, it all will be OK
This is a skill that you can learn. Thank goodness Happy Day!
All you need is a good teacher one who really isn’t feigning
My suggestion, naturally, is to find Resonance Voice Training!

Inspired by Heather Keens.

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