Resonance 17–25

Who is it for?

Resonance 17-25 is an initiative that has emerged as a direct response to the number of enquiries we have had from young adults.

We have designed a workshop in two parts: Make it Clear and Communicate with Conviction that will help you develop confidence in your communication and speaking skills for effective interviews for:

  • University entrance
  • Internships
  • Jobs and Public speaking

……. and for maintaining optimism and positivity when facing setbacks.

What to expect

The workshops will consist of simple practical, physical exercise and voluntary role plays that will cover the following:

  • preparation for any interview
  • breath control
  • the importance of good posture
  • articulation and projection
  • expressive speaking
  • answering tricky questions with confidence

“Fantastic workshop! Would love for this to become a series of sessions. Is there a 3rd and 4th stage? Great teacher! Learned so much!” – Northumbria University