Presenting With Confidence

Who is it for?

This two day course is for anyone who has to to give formal presentations with or without slides and to audiences that could range in number from 10, in a work scenario, to much larger conference audiences. It is focussed on creating a more confident presenter who is in control of their subject matter and the way they deliver their message.

The course will develop participants ability to communicate and present effectively when under pressure and to diverse audiences. Theoretical aspects of presenting are addressed; namely structuring a talk, how to use vocabulary to influence the way you are heard and how to manage PowerPoint and your content’s key message. The sessions will also importantly incorporate work on posture, alignment, breathing and voice production in order for participants to maximise their vocal and physical impact and confidence.

Candidates will also have time to practice and improve their technical written presenting skills. Video will be used to facilitate self-analysis.

What to expect

Overall the course will deliver the following:

    • More powerful and effective presentation skills
    • Increased personal impact and presence
    • An ability to communicate more confidently with clients, peers, and senior management
    • Tools for managing nerves and ways for increasing self confidence
    • How to achieve expressive ways of speaking
  • Improved posture and body language

……people were engaged, I was relaxed and I managed to keep the slow pace and the intonation (going up and down) all the way through. I was a bit anxious at the beginning, but felt confident and excited most of the time. So thanks so much for all your advice, support and extremely helpful exercises and techniques, I think that I’ve managed to learn from them and incorporate them in my own style, so it feels natural.   The Wellcome Trust