META Conference

META is a cross government fast track programme  – The Minority Ethnic Talent Association headed by Claudette Sutton. Resonance Voice Training have been lucky enough to be associated with META for the past three years and this year had the opportunity to help facilitate the induction day of the 2012/3 intake of  excellent candidates.

We followed this with a Broadening The Spectrum of Leadership: Voice Impact workshop at the following days Annual Conference on October 11 held at the Treasury which was a heady and most fulfilling day. The keynote speakers were interesting and often inspiring with different takes on diversity and leadership within government and industry. They included

  • Sir Bob Kerslake – Head of the Home Civil Service & Permanent Secretary at the Department for Communities and Local Government
  • Don Robert – Global CEO of Experian Group PLC
  • Irfan Siddiq – Head of the Arab Partnership Department at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  • Spencer Dale – Chief Economist, The Bank of England
  • Chris Grant – 14a Conversations
The overwhelming impression that came from the day was how seriously diversity is now being taken and the huge steps that behemoths like the Bank of England are taking to ensure they become representative.
I particularly liked a story that we were related about a major CEO advertising to graduates with 2.2 or 3rds who may have over indulged in socialising at University. Write to me the CEO said if you have done something amazing with your life since. He got a reply ‘ Are you serious? I partied too much and got a 3rd but have a successful company yet my dream is to work for your organisation’. This person was interviewed successfully as a result of his letter and today has achieved his dream!

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