Lincs CIPD Wellbeing Conference

On July 6th The Lincolnshire CIPD held its annual conference in Woodhall Spa at the historic and beautiful Petwood Hotel.

Annual conference Lincolnshire CIPD

The theme for this year was Wellbeing at Work and there were several interesting and informed speakers there to increase general understanding of a uniquely complex topic.

Linda Hitchen, a sociologist from Lincoln University with a wealth of knowledge and experience and a funny and fluent speaker, spoke of Wellbeing as a growing international phenomenon supported by the OECD and the Instanbul Agreement. The main debating issues still being ‘what is it and how do you measure it?’

A couple of other  issues that arose were around employees opting in to the idea initially, and also the individual needs of each and every employee as to what Wellbeing meant for them. If major factors include stress management, health and happiness we all know how widely our views can differ on what is right for us.

We have always been very lucky at Resonance as the work we do very much depends on the participant’s willingness to join in. However for the most part companies who use our services recommend our workshops but do not dictate to staff that they have to attend. Many people (the majority) see something in themselves that they want to better and choose our training provision. This ensures most groups are motivated and supportive of each other.

We see what we do, in particular the confidence building aspect of the courses, as something that positively contributes to a person’s wellbeing even though it may not actually hit every marker.

We are always pleased and surprised by feedback that says to us we reached parts within people that other training companies don’t reach. This is of course that we see and work with the individuals within the group.

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