From Page to Stage

Who is it for?

Many people find that they have to give more and more public speaking performances as their career develops.

Writing and speaking are two very different disciplines.

Scientists, doctors, academics amongst many others have to bridge the world of the written paper and its presentation in today’s society. These most accomplished people often have issues making their ideas truly understood and appreciated by a live audience. When speaking at conference this is one of the most important things they have to do.

We have become exceptionally experienced, at Resonance, in assisting high achieving professionals deliver with the authority, interest and engagement their work deserves – lifting it from the page to the stage. 

We have assisted speakers who have delivered speeches within government and the EU, for TED talks, for Google X and to The World Economic Forum.

Here is some feedback from a course participant:

“I had no idea that I relate well to people when I’m relaxed, but I can suddenly see that, usually people say it was a good talk. But yesterday people seemed really touched -and they were responding in a very personal way ….. Many of them also thanked me  …….. I’d given them an experience. It was really humbling that people had genuinely felt a connection. I didn’t know that can happen…. thanks for helping me find that connection!”  – Researcher, Cambridge University

What to expect

We provide training in an easy, effective and undramatic way turning the most reluctant speakers into capable orators.

Using participants’ text we will provide personalised guidance on developing their text into a fully functional, commanding speech.

In our half day or one day Masterclass we will demonstrate with volunteers our techniques and strategies for a confident engaging performance. For individuals who have an imminent conference speech please approach us directly.

This course can also be delivered using Skype