Clear Spoken English

Who is it for?

This course has been designed for professionals who work in the UK or abroad for whom English is a foreign language.  This course can also be adapted for native speakers who are not happy with the clarity of their English. Our aim is always to assist the client to be understood by any audience. Accent reduction and accent softening are a part of this process but our emphasis has always been for the speaker to gain self confidence. They learn to control their ability to communicate in a language that is not their native tongue.

What to expect

  • Before the course the client is initially assessed according to their perceptions of how they speak and the course is then designed around the particular level/s of the group
  • We aim for clear spoken English whilst allowing for the retention of individuality
  • Based on phonetics, the methodology is straight-forward, stimulating and has good results
  • The training is backed-up with recorded and written material
  • The course can also be adapted to accommodate small groups
  • The course duration ranges from a half day to one and a half days dependent on the client needs and numbers in the workshop. The benefit of a longer course is that the learning becomes more embedded.

 ‘This was a great fun day, highly recommended!’ – SHL