Wedding Speeches – A survival Guide for 2016

Blossom time – May is in bloom at last and the wedding season approaches. Have you been asked to speak as Best Man at your friend’s wedding? Are you the Bride’s father or mother? Or maybe the Bride herself or the female friend who has to read the poem about true love? Does Public Speaking fill you … Read more

Speaking with Passion

Here are a few reminders of things that may help us with our conversations and debates through the next few months. When you want people to follow your argument you have to consider how others receive information and even whether they will listen to you immediately. Some people simply don’t hear an opposing argument the … Read more

Super Voices! Exercises for voice and posture

Here is a vocal and a postural tip for you to try out: Starting with the lips: Remember that energised lips aid vocal clarity, pace and help the breath to release We make a range of vowel sounds that depend on the lip position – from the lip stretched ‘eee’ to the lip rounded ‘oooo’ Exercise … Read more

META Conference

META is a cross government fast track programme  – The Minority Ethnic Talent Association headed by Claudette Sutton. Resonance Voice Training have been lucky enough to be associated with META for the past three years and this year had the opportunity to help facilitate the induction day of the 2012/3 intake of  excellent candidates. We … Read more