Reflecting on Amy Cuddy, Power Posing and us. And some tips.

When Amy Cuddy (amy_cuddy_your_body_language_sh ) became a ‘known’ name we felt at Resonance  that she had the scientific proof of things that actors and performers like us had known for centuries. If you stand tall and still with an open body, you attract the attention of your audience. And you do! You also feel much better … Read more

Say it out Loud

I’ve a Presentation pending with PowerPoint to boot My Fear is never ending and my Sleeping time forfeit When I Speak I’m always rushing and I know I’m also Blushing My Mouth is dry as dust and I find the Whole thing crushing. I’ve to Speak at my friend’s Wedding and she isn’t even joking … Read more

Trainer of Distinction

We are delighted to report that Tracy Elster (one of our Lead Associates who many of you will have met) has gained a Distinction in her Dramatherapy Masters degree at Roehampton University. Knowing that it took blood sweat and tears over the three year course (weekends only) we ask you to join us and take … Read more

Your voice at work

Continuing Professional Development – First Learn  to Breathe! At the start of working life it may seem unimportant to consider how you actually speak words. For some it gets overlooked and unremarked upon through the whole of a  successful career. For others it becomes a thing that prevents promotion, can even hinder the way you manage your … Read more

Elocution Now and Then

by Sasha Mitchell The Oxford English dictionary defines Elocution as “The skill of clear and expressive speech, especially of distinct pronunciation and articulation”.  Note the words ‘clear’ and ‘articulation’.  We love individual accents at Resonance Voice Training, and feel strongly that you should be able to keep your accent, whilst using grammatical English and no dialect. … Read more

Why and how should I speak out at meetings?

Illustration of man unable to speaking out at a meetings

When it comes to business meetings it sometimes seems as if the world is divided into those people who love to hear the sound of their own voices and those who don’t. The strange thing is that the people who choose silence or who seldom speak, appear to hold mysteries and knowledge that louder more verbal contributors in meetings … Read more

Lincs CIPD Wellbeing Conference

On July 6th The Lincolnshire CIPD held its annual conference in Woodhall Spa at the historic and beautiful Petwood Hotel. The theme for this year was Wellbeing at Work and there were several interesting and informed speakers there to increase general understanding of a uniquely complex topic. Linda Hitchen, a sociologist from Lincoln University with … Read more

What is presence? Can I increase my own presence?

Often in our workshops  the question of personal presence arises. We talk about being ‘centred’ and how actors use this as a term to denote readiness for ‘action’.  Being centred is also taught in any martial arts training.  Your centre, as a place for balance, means your centre of gravity is located around the navel. We … Read more

Keeping our stories fresh in Interviews

When we are telling our stories in interviews, relating our relevant career history in ways that we have practised and polished, how do we keep them fresh so that we always sound authentic? Repetition of anything helps us to build in a smoothness of delivery and refinement of key information that gives us confidence. A polished performance … Read more

This is a Voice – The Wellcome Trust

We currently supply The Wellcome Trust with Voice and Impact Training. We delight in the work which brings us into contact with the innovations and research that The Trust is both funding and exploring. ‘This is a Voice’ is a remarkable exhibition showing at The Wellcome Collection until July. It attempts to explore the essence … Read more