VOICE SKILLS IN THE WORKPLACE – could this be you?

Evelyn finds it difficult to make her voice heard in meetings. She also sounds high and girlish. She feels this adversely affects the way her opinions are received by colleagues in her government department.

Although a very talented young Doctor Ben’s problem is his monotonous speaking voice when giving important presentations. He is worried that long term it may affect his career in hospital medicine.

Stewart suffers from palpitations, shortness of breath and a dry mouth whenever he is invited to speak in a meeting or to someone senior. He tends to speak very fast, sometimes stuttering, often mumbling. This gives the impression that he is unsure of his subject.

You have just started teaching but have already lost your voice twice. Or maybe your colleagues say they cannot understand you clearly because although your knowledge of English is excellent your pronunciation needs some work.

You may recognise the scene but where’s the solution?

At Resonance Voice Training we have designed a core training programme that impacts directly on these and other issues surrounding voice, confidence and presentation and we can work with you individually or through your company.

We believe that our clients can achieve better communication skills without losing their individuality.

Central to our work is demystifying the voice – equipping clients to reach their full vocal potential.

Our experience in the academic, public and commercial sectors gives us a highly adaptive and no-nonsense work ethic. This enables us to work with clients ranging from Police trainers to newly qualified teachers to corporate executives.

Your voice and your ability to communicate is a vital life skill. Start today to make it one of your greatest assets.