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We provide off the shelf and bespoke training courses to suit your needs.

The courses below are tailor-made. If you don’t see what you want please contact us at: or give us a call on 01526 569069.

Speaking with Impact

This is our most popular core course. It will help participants enhance their speaking skills, manage their nerves, and improve their presence. For more info…..

Presenting with Confidence

This is a two day presentation skills course with the main focus on delivery. This course helps anyone who has to present formally or informally at work. For more info…..

From Page to Stage (with Skype)
We offer a masterclass in how to take a written speech and present it confidently to any audience for any event e.g. conference, weddings, retirement speeches, eulogies.

For those unable to reach us in London, we also have a Skype package to enable you to bring your speech to life without the travel trouble!

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Clear Spoken English

For those whose first language is not English, this enjoyable, interactive course will help you to understand the nuts and bolts of speaking English more easily, and with more confidence.

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Advanced Telephone Skills for Call Centres

This two day interactive course includes role plays and individual feedback. Ensure that your call centre staff are more productive, more confident, and importantly clear.

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Don’t Cry- Shout!

This half day course is for women who want to be heard.

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