Advanced Call Centre Training

Who is it for?

All call centre workers, teachers, performers and barristers are Professional Voice Users. If you need your voice to work for you daily then you are in the right place. This particular course is aimed at those who work long hours over the telephone.

What to expect

Our one day courses will help you to master your voice production for a full day of telephone work.

Overall the course will deliver the following:

  • Increased personal impact and presence over the phone
  • Improved posture for breath and vocal clarity
  • An ability to communicate more confidently when dealing with callers
  • Improved clarity of speech
  • Increased self confidence in telecommunications
  • Ways to achieve expressive speaking – avoiding monotony
  • Appropriate language, tone and energy

Our training gives you the building blocks you will continue to use learning long after the course is over. This leaves you with the confidence to know your voice will last as long as your career.