Find your voice and make an impact

  • Experience tells you what to do
  • Confidence enables you to do it
  • We will help you to express it

Resonance is communication skills training company that has been working across all sectors and at all levels for the past 15 years. We have designed a flexible, pragmatic series of training programmes that work on confidence, presence and personal impact. Material is drawn from our direct experience of the best practitioners of voice science, acting theory, leadership training, mindfulness, and drama therapy. Our mission is to turn fears into skills.

We encourage delegates to work with greater self awareness so that they can bring their whole selves to work. The confidence this brings can result in them having more resilience, becoming more creative, and achieving greater flexibility. Our core training works directly on building presence and personal gravitas, as well as finding your voice, and managing nerves.  .

This is of the utmost importance to your own long term effectiveness. It will enable you and your company to become more successful, credible and influential.

We work with individuals as well as within companies. To communicate with greater fluency, and persuasiveness call us on 01526 569 069.

‘Resonance has so much to offer both very experienced speakers and people like me who have done very little. A lot of people have to do presentations and speeches and could benefit.’ – Department for Business, Innovation and Skills